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Neonazi & Klan Rallies in Chicago

Neonazis hold rally in Chicago's Marquette Park behind rows of police in 1978.
Young Neonazis taunt group of Jewish counterdemonstrators in Chicago's Marquette Park, 1978.
White racist slugs Jewish counterdemonstrator (balding man) as he aids fallen Black youth beaten by racist mob in Chicago's Marquette Park, 1978.
Others join to help in rescue
Neonazi leader Frank Collin at his 71st Street headquarters in Chicago's Marquette Park, 1978.
Art Jones and Thom Robb
Neonazi salute
Man in Camouflage
Truck at rally
 Art Jones with newspaper
Counterdemonstrators confront Art Jones
Hard right coalition rallies against gay rights
Starting neonazi training early
Neonazis in Marquette Park
White Unity flag in Marquette Park
Antiracist demonstrators
Antiracist demonstrators
Antiracist demonstrator confronts racist youth
All photos ©1978 by Chip Berlet

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